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Tom Fulp Interview

Posted by TheShyGuy - July 29th, 2009

Chris: Hey its chris from the playstation blog, and with us we have castle crashers. We have tom fulp, programmer of castle crashers here to talk to us from the behemoth. Please tom. tell us a little about it.

Tom: Uhh castle crashers is a uhh 4 player hack and slash adventure, with roleplaying elements. So its basically like every classic brawler you ever liked. for example final plague golden axe all that stuff (chris looks confused, he has clearly missed out on the loved and wanted golden axe) It also has hints of zelda and guardian heroes and lots of other classic games

Chris: (Slightly perturbed) so theres alot of action and uhhh and 4 players right so are you excited about it coming to ps3?

Tom: Yes (nodding like a someone just asked him if he wanted candy) Cop is coming (???)

Chris: Yea well uhh thats a good thing (tom is still nodding)

Chris: so, you talked a little bit about some roleplaying elements could you get a little bit more in depth?

Tom: Yea well basically you start with your base character and as you play you uhh level up and gain levels and get abilities. You also get points you can spend so you can buy stuff (He says this all as if talking to a three year old)

Chris: And theres princess saving if im not mistaken? (perverted smile)

Tom: Yea there is theres princess saving and getting your kings treasure back and basically killing lots of baddies.

Chris: (confused smile)

I think tom was a little nervous... Dont you?
Lol heres a pic of chris doing the perverted smile and tom looking... interested.

Tom Fulp Interview

Comments (2)

you look like bruno (gay and austrian)
you are lucky to be able to have gone to comic-con
i lolled

Wow this is the first actual picture i see of tom fulp!